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Issue 171

Accessible patterns, Grid tiles, and how do browsers actually work?

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 171

I have just returned from Sydney, Australia and Web Directions Summit. It was great to be able to present to my friends down under however, in case you were wondering, I would not recommend flying to Australia from Europe for three days! Slides are linked below.

A couple of weeks ago Dan Li from the email newsletter TLDR got in touch, and featured CSS Layout News in his daily tech news email. I had to admit not being aware of TLDR, but I signed up and have been really enjoying a quick synopsis of all the news I missed while on an airplane to somewhere! While nothing to do with CSS Layout, I thought there might be some crossover in terms of folk who enjoy this newsletter and might also enjoy TLDR, if you might then you can sign up here.

Thanks to An Event Apart for their continued support of this email. I am currently working on a brand new presentation for the San Francisco event and through next year. See the information at the end of the email for a special offer code. I'd love to see you there!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


From URL to Interactive · An A List Apart Article

If you think about it, our whole industry depends on our faith in a handful of “black boxes” few of us fully understand: browsers. We hand over our HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, etc., and then cross our fingers and hope they render the experience we have in our heads. But how do browsers do what they do? How do they take our users from a URL to a fully-rendered and interactive page?

The first two parts of a four-part series on A List Apart, explaining how they turn our code into a webpage.

Grid Tile Layouts with auto-fit and minmax | Geddski

A tutorial on creating various "tile layouts" using CSS Grid.

Styling better focus states • Nelo

An article on creating better and more accessible focus states.

Access & Use

Access & Use shows what it needs to make dynamic elements in websites accessible and usable for all.

This is really nicely presented, with videos to demonstrate the patterns,

The Future of Web Design: Layout

My presentation, resources and code samples from Web Directions Summit in Sydney last week.


Animated Grid Previews | Codrops

A layout using CSS Grid to create animated previews.

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