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Issue 173

Feedback request for Mozilla Design Tools, how CSS is parsed, designing for dark mode, Houdini demos

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 173

I am currently in Sweden for Øredev, with two talks on CSS, the year quickly vanishing. I have only one more trip after this one - and that will be for An Event Apart in San Francisco, with a stop en route for the Mozilla All Hands in Orlando. While I have loved all my travels this year, and all the interesting folk I've been able to talk to, I am about ready for the travel downtime of January! That said, I am working on my calendar for 2019. I already have a few public and in-house CSS workshops booked in, and would love to do some more. Let me know if you would like me to come help solve your CSS Layout problems!

Thank you to everyone who sent me their feature ideas for CSS last week, later today I'll do some kind of random spreadsheet thing and email the book-winners.

An Event Apart are our sponsor again this week, I'm very excited to be finishing my 2018 conference year by presenting my new An Event Apart talk for the first time, and I'm speaking at every 2019 event, I hope to see you at one of them.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

New & Experimental Web Design Tools: Feedback Requested - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

Regular readers will know I am a fan of the Developer Tools in Firefox. They are currently running a survey to get feedback on these tools.


Braces to Pixels · An A List Apart Article

Greg Whitworth explains how CSS is parsed, how values are computed, and what the “cascade” in style sheets actually means. Then takes us on a tour of layout, painting, and composition

This is the next part in the excellent A List Apart series on how our HTML and CSS becomes a webpage users can interact with.

Choose Your Animation Adventure - Val Head | Frontend NE: The Conference 2018 - YouTube

So this isn't layout, but this talk has been useful to me and I thought it might be useful to you. Val explains the web animation landscape and helps you answer the question of what to use when you want to add animation to your UI.

What's New In CSS?

I had fun yesterday at Øredev presenting a new talk on some new things in CSS that I find interesting. Here are the slides and code examples, which may or may not work in your browser!

Why browsers download stylesheets with non-matching media queries

A short investigation into the subject.

Redesigning your product and website for dark mode — Stuff & Nonsense

As Andy Clarke points out, "Implementing dark mode is easy, but designing for it is less so. " He gives some practical tips for designing for dark mode.


CSS Houdini Experiments - @iamvdo

I added some Houdini examples to my presentation yesterday, and found all kinds of helpful things in this collection from Vincent De Oliveira.

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