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Issue 174

Logical Properties and Values, Variable Fonts, Houdini

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 174

With many people away for Thanksgiving in the USA it has been something of a quiet week. I've also had my head in my new An Event Apart talk, which I'll be giving for the first time in San Francisco in a couple of weeks. So this email is a little shorter than usual.

I'm actually at home in Bristol for a change, I'm heading out to Orlando next Monday for the Mozilla All Hands meeting, and then onto San Francisco for An Event Apart, and that will be my last trip of 2018. I'm looking forward to some time at home, in the quieter time of late December and January, before it all starts up again.

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Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


CSS Logical Properties and Values - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

I've been working on the documentation for Logical Properties and Values over at MDN, and have made four guides to the spec which you can read here.

Implementing a variable font with fallback web fonts – Zeichenschatz

A very detailed article about using a fallback webfont for your variable font.


State of Houdini (Chrome Dev Summit 2018) - YouTube

Surma's Houdini talk from the Chrome Dev Summit, with some interesting demos. Although check the unedited version from the thread if you want to see what happens when a presentation goes wrong!

“The World’s Gone Flat!” —  Evolutions in Interface Design

A walk through the history of UI design.

Native Lazy Loading on the Web - YouTube

Eric Portis demonstrates the native lazy loading feature as proposed by Google.

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