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Issue 178

Jank-free image loads, clip-path, layouts for screen readers - your Christmas Day CSS Layout news!

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 178

I was wondering whether to schedule up a CSS Layout News, given that issue 178 falls on a day many people will be celebrating Christmas. However, I thought that perhaps those who celebrate might return to their inboxes in a day or so, find this email and enjoy reading the articles in a moment of downtime.

I know that among my readers are those of you who are not celebrating Christmas, it not being your festival, and are probably somewhat tired of half of the web exhorting you to log off.

I also know - because I've been there myself - that there will be some of you who are expected to be celebrating Christmas, but are alone, or find this season of enforced happiness hard for one reason or another.

So, I decided to queue it up, and I hope that you are spending this Tuesday in the best way for you right now. This is the last email of 2018, and so along with wishing those of you who are celebrating today a Happy Christmas, I'd like to thank you all for reading this year. I will be back on Jan 1, 2019!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Clip Paths Know No Bounds ◆ 24 ways

Some fun and interesting things that you can do with CSS clip-path.

Designing Layouts for Screen Readers

Your layout contains important organisational clues but these might only be visual, leaving screen readers users unable to understand how the content is organised. In this article by Ben Robertson, learn how to design layouts for screen readers users.

Line breaking - Florian Rivoal at dotCSS 2018

The more you look into CSS, the more complexity you discover, complexity that the average web developer often doesn't think about or really need to think about. In this talk you will discover just how much there is to think about when it comes to white space.

Jank-Free Image Loads ◆ 24 ways

An in-depth look into "Jank-Free image loads", preventing the experience of starting to read a page, the images loading in, and your position in the document jumping around.


Designing Your Site Like It’s 1998 ◆ 24 ways

When struggling to achieve something with CSS today, it can be worth remembering just how far we have come. Andy Clarke reminds us what it was like to design your site in 1998.

What We Wished For — Smashing Magazine

With Edge soon making the switch to Chrome’s rendering engine — well, for better or worse, a bitter wish is coming true.

Mat Marquis tells us the story of why we might live to regret that wish.