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Issue 179

The Happy New Year edition. How did it get to be 2019?

Rachel Andrew
1 min read


Issue 179

Happy New year!

A slightly shorter than usual issue this week - I guess the majority of folk have had other things to do than write about CSS. There have been some nice review posts written however, I posted mine today and Andy Bell has a nice list on his blog.

I have been messing about with my own website this last week, I'm no designer so I hesitate to describe it as a redesign. What may be of interest is that I have created a page that will link to all the things I write or create from one place, and also a homepage for my CSS work. So, if you want to look at the things I'm working on, or read my latest articles that is where to look.

I hope 2019 is starting well for you ! Until next week,

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Gradient Borders in CSS | CSS-Tricks

Options for creating gradient borders using CSS.

“Evaluating Technology” by Jeremy Keith – An Event Apart video

So this talk isn't about CSS Layout, but it's a cracking one to start the new year with. Recorded at An Event Apart, Jeremy gives you a method of evaluating tools and techniques for your projects. So useful in a world where we seem to be constantly bombarded with the next big thing to learn.

Common CSS Issues For Front-End Projects — Smashing Magazine

On Smashing Magazine some issues that Ahmad Shadeed has run into when writing CSS.


Responsive design – Owl Studios – Medium

An article which is mostly about how designers and developers need to work as a team to do responsive design. The insight into process is interesting however it amazes me that so far along in the history of responsive design we still have these situations where designs are being thrown over the fence to be built.

I think the the rise in visual prototyping tools will be helpful here, and perhaps it has taking this long for the tooling to catch up with the need.

An Initial Implementation of clip-path: path(); | CSS-Tricks

Notes on the initial implementation of clip-path: path() in Firefox.