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Issue 18

Flexbox, Calc, length units - lots to learn this week.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 18

This week I have a whole bunch of tutorials and learning for the newsletter. Find out about CSS Calc, length units, animation, Flexbox and more. If you tend to have a quieter time over the holiday period it can be a good time to brush up on skills and learn some new things.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Flexbox Froggy - A game for learning CSS flexbox

A fun way to brush up on your Flexbox properties. The Flexbox Froggy game from Thomas H. Park.

Flexbox Grid Finesse — Medium

Nice article demonstrating how to control Flexbox grids, including how to control gutter spacing.

Use Cases For CSS Calc

Some use cases for CSS Calc, a useful CSS function with great browser support.

7 CSS Units You Might Not Know About

Some of the newer CSS length units can make creating responsive layouts much easier. Here is a guide to these lesser-known units include vh, vw, vmin and vmax.

Animating Your Brand ◆ 24 ways

24 Ways kicks off for 2015 with an article on Animating Your Brand. I like the approach of incuding animation in the style guide and making sure that animation isn't something we "tack on at the end" of the design process.

Scaled/Proportional Content with CSS and JavaScript | CSS-Tricks

Adding a little JavaScript to get scaled proportional content.

10 Guidelines for Better Website Background Videos

Some guidelines for those website background videos that have become popular.


Frameworks · An A List Apart Article

An excerpt from Ethan Marcotte's new book, Responsive Design: Patterns and Principles. Thinking about how we need new principles for responsive design. It's a welcome change of pace from just thinking about how we technically implement layout.

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