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Issue 180

CSS Grid, Learning CSS, Responsive Design, and avoiding reader mode.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 180

My inbox tells me that everyone is back to work after the holidays! There have also been some nice articles and posts relevant to the interests of readers of this newsletter to round up.

While I am enjoying being at home for a while I have a few workshops coming up which might be of interest depending on your location - Rustbelt Refresh in Cleveland, and for Smashing Conference in San Francisco and Toronto. I have been wondering about running one in my home town of Bristol in the UK. If that is something you might be interested in reply to this email - I can certainly find a location and date if I know there is interest!

If getting to an in-person workshop is not possible then do check out my CSS Layout Workshop.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


How To Learn CSS — Smashing Magazine

I wrote about how to learn CSS. Not from a complete beginner, "this is a property" type standpoint, but an overview of core concepts that will allow you to look up everything else you need.

Angular, Autoprefixer, IE11, and CSS Grid Walk into a Bar... -

The problems of complex toolchains highlighted by Autoprefixer destroying a grid layout by automatically prefixing for the IE10 implementation of grid layout. If you are using Autoprefixer (and there are fewer and fewer reasons to do so these days) make sure it is not attempting to "support" IE10 grid - as explained in this post from last year.

Presentations about Responsive web design on Notist

We launched topic pages on Notist this week, which has revealed a great resource in terms of slides and video to browse through. Such as this one on Responsive Web Design.

Reader Mode: The Button to Beat | CSS-Tricks

Thoughts on how to design your site to stop people hitting the reader mode button to escape all the things distracting them from the content they are trying to access.

Front-End Performance Checklist 2019 [PDF, Apple Pages, MS Word] — Smashing Magazine

While not just about layout Vitaly's latest update to the Web Performance Checklist is worth a read. Find out all of the latest tips and techniques for performance.

CSS Grid for Designers – Times Open

How a new technology is changing layout on the web.



Some fun with conic-gradient.