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Issue 186

How a screen reader user accesses the web, logical properties, feature queries, scroll snap.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 186

It's Tuesday again, and with Tuesday comes another issue of CSS Layout News. Next week I'll be battling timezones in San Francisco, for the CSS Working Group meeting. Travel pretty much starts for the year for me at that point. You can see my upcoming presentations and workshops here.

I have some upcoming workshops which still have tickets available. I would love to see you in:

I can promise that you will leave the day knowing a whole lot more about layout, and how to use CSS in your projects.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Announcing the State of CSS 2019 Survey –

A survey on current CSS usage. If you haven't filled it in yet, perhaps take a few minutes and do so.

More logical properties

More of the Logical Properties and Values specification is coming to browsers. This is a quick post and two CodePen demos to show new features.


How @supports Works | CSS-Tricks

A rundown of some uses for CSS Feature Queries.

A post about building a carousel, which includes use of CSS Scroll Snap.

Text Wrapping & Inline Pseudo Elements | Jay Freestone

I like these posts which break down the different ways to do something. This one is about the ways to add an inline element next to some text.

How A Screen Reader User Accesses The Web: A Smashing Video — Smashing Magazine

I would love everyone to spend some time watching this webinar. It was originally something we did over at Smashing Magazine for members, however we felt it so useful we have published it for everyone to watch and learn from.

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