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Issue 188

CSS Regions, Fragmentation, Semantics to screen readers, triangles!

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 188

I am still on the West Coast, in Seattle and spoke yesterday at An Event Apart. My talk is an exploration of overflow in CSS and the relationship between that and things that I really want to see happen - in particular a revisit of the Regions spec. The slides are linked below, no video yet but An Event Apart do video the presentations at one show a year so hopefully it will be recorded before I retire it.

After this I am off to run a workshop for Rustbelt Refresh before finally heading back to the UK.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Create an updated CSS Regions capability – Welcome to the Windows developer feedback site!

If you saw my An Event Apart talk or looked at the slides also linked this week you will see that I am talking about Regions, or regions-like things. There is an Edge Uservoice issue you can add your vote to if you would like this too.


CSS Shapes Resources by Kristopher Van Sant on CodePen

A big list of resources about CSS Shapes.

Breaking Boxes With CSS Fragmentation — Smashing Magazine

I started looking at browser support for CSS Fragmentation and ended up down a rabbit hole that resulted in this article.

Making Things Better: Redefining the Technical Possibilities of CSS

My slides for my presentation at An Event Apart Seattle yesterday, along with the code examples and resources I share.

Semantics to Screen Readers · An A List Apart Article

Another article in the excellent "From URL to interactive" series, this time explaining what happens when a screen reader accesses your page. Loads of excellent information about how the rendering engine turns web content into something useful for accessibility APIs.

Quick Tip: CSS Triangles - Pine

A number of ways to create triangles in CSS. Should you need to create a triangle.

Building Robust Layouts With Container Units — Smashing Magazine

An article about using CSS Variables to create container units to use with CSS Grid Layout.


Strawberry Tapes | Andy Gabbard

Here is a creative and fun little site using Grid and Flexbox to promote an album.

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