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Issue 207

Accessible generated content, fun with grid track animation, CSS Margins.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 207

While I'm still enjoying being at home and spending the weekends jumping in lakes and running up Welsh mountains, the autumn/fall conference season will be upon us before long. I've got a new workshop booked for Amsterdam, details are below. The same week in Amsterdam is View Source conference from Mozilla, which will be a deep dive into how browser vendors and others create and support new web standards.

You can find out where I am, and see the slides and video of past events over on my Notist profile. I try to add all the video as they are released so there is quite a collection building up on my video page.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Workshop: Next Steps with CSS Layout · Fronteers Conference 2019 · Fronteers

I've added another workshop for this year, this time in Amsterdam at the Fronteers conference. If you want to come and spend a day learning layout with me, tickets are on sale.


Everything You Need To Know About CSS Margins — Smashing Magazine

Following up on a thread on Twitter, I wrote about margins in CSS. In particular I dug into margin collapsing - why it happens and how to prevent it.

Managing Multiple Backgrounds with Custom Properties | CSS-Tricks

A nice approach using CSS Custom Properties.

Inspired Design Decisions: Pressing Matters — Smashing Magazine

Another of Andy's in-depth examinations of grid systems, based on an exploration of the grid systems used in a publication - this time the compound grids of Pressing Matters magazine.

Accessible CSS Generated Content | Eric Eggert

Notes on generated content and potential unintended consequences.

Position Sticky and Table Headers | CSS-Tricks

Using position: sticky for sticky table headers.


Recreating the Fool's Mate chess move with CSS Grid

This is fun, and digs into the animation of grid tracks which has been implemented in Firefox.

Initial thoughts on standardizing form controls | Greg Whitworth

Greg writes up some initial thoughts on the research he has been doing on standardizing form controls to enable control of the appearance of these elements. It's certainly something that people always ask for when any of us involved with CSS as for your top feature requests for the platform.