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Issue 21

Some festive Flexbox, faster websites, element queries and Flexbox going to CR status.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 21

Despite it being Christmas week I have still found some new and interesting things to add to the email. In the distant past I remember the time around Christmas and New Year being when I had chance to play and experiment as our clients would all be taking time off. Working on a product means we have less of a lull - I'm also making the most of the time in one place before my travel schedule picks up again in February.

I'm working hard revising my CSS Layout Workshop material for the workshops I'll be running in the New Year and also the online version. This email will no doubt benefit from the resources I dig up in my research for that, but if you spot anything new and interesting let me know by replying to the email or via Twitter.

Enjoy your Christmas if you are celebrating and I'll be back next week for the final CSS Layout News of 2015.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Flexbox going to Candidate Recommendation Status

The CSS Working Group have resolved to move the Flexbox specification to Candidate Recommendation Status.

"This is the testing phase of a W3C spec. Notably, this phase is about using tests and implementations to test the specification: it is not about testing the implementations. This process often reveals more problems with the spec, and so a Candidate Recommendation will morph over time in response to implementation and testing feedback, though usually less so than during the design phase (WD).
Demonstration of two correct, independent implementations of each feature is required to exit CR, so in this phase the WG builds a test suite and generates implementation reports." -

Layout Topics on the Web Engines Hackfest 2015 - Rego's Everyday Life

Manuel Rego Casasnovas is one of the developers from Igalia who are working on the implementation of CSS Grid Layout in Blink and Webkit. Here is his report from the Web Engines Hackfest.


Being Responsive to the Small Things ◆ 24 ways

Jonathan Snook writes about the use cases and issues around the idea of container queries, and shows some JavaScript solutions based on his work at Shopify.

CSS Basics: Selectors & Length Units | a free course from the CSS Layout Workshop

Some lead-in material for my upcoming CSS Layout course - covering selectors and length units. I teach this material in versions of my in-person workshop as it helps be sure people are on the same page with the more complex CSS Selectors.

Crafting twelve column layouts with flexbox

A solid explanation of how the different flex properties work to give control over the columns in your flex layout.

the new code – Create Perfect Responsive Shapes With CSS vw Units

A nice demo of how to use vh and vw units to create responsive shapes.

The vertical-align Property

Nice guide to the vertical-align property in CSS.

Smaller, Faster Websites - - Bocoup

A transcript of a talk given by Mat Marquis in 2015. Some things to think about as we build websites.


Flexbox Patterns

A set of flexbox design patterns for UI elements.

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