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Issue 215

Caniuse and MDN get together to provide more complete compat data for the web, HTML email compat data.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 215

Hello from sunny Freiburg, Germany!

I've been here for a meeting with the Smashing Magazine team, plus SmashingConf Freiburg, which is happening right now. After this I'll be heading to W3C TPAC, this year in Japan, for a week of W3C and CSS Working Group meetings. September and October are always busy months, as we head into the final quarter of the year. Lot's to share this week including the collaboration between Caniuse and MDN, and a site like Caniuse but for HTML email compat - which was launched at SmashingConf.

Yesterday I hosted a Web We Want panel at SmashingConf. Check out the site and add your own wants for the web platform. If you can't be at one of the events, that's fine. The moderator can present your idea for you, or you can send a video. It's a great way to have your ideas for the platform discussed.

The sponsor this week is An Event Apart. There are two more events this year, and all of the dates for 2020 are now published. Maybe I will see you at one of them?

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Caniuse and MDN compatibility data collaboration - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

Some excellent news of a collaboration between CanIUse and MDN as MDN compat data is now integrated into CanIUse. A good way to see how this works is to search for the gap property, you'll see the more granular tables from MDN detailing implementation status for gap in the various layout methods.

Can I email… Support tables for HTML and CSS in emails

Announced at SmashingConf yesterday is Can I email, a site like Can I Use but for HTML email features. You can also read the release post.


Overflow And Data Loss In CSS — Smashing Magazine

In this article I take a look at overflow in CSS, and the concept of preventing data loss which is an important concept in the design of CSS itself.

Inspired Design Decisions: Alexey Brodovitch — Smashing Magazine

Another of Andy Clarke's articles, this time deconstructing the work of Alexey Brodovitch and showing how to create designs inspired by this using CSS Shapes, and grid layout.

Various Methods for Expanding a Box While Preserving the Border Radius | CSS-Tricks

Ana Tudor takes an in-depth look at how to expand a box while keeping the border radius intact.

Introducing Hover: Hover - DockYard

A post about using interaction media features, testing for the ability to hover, in order to progressively enhance functionality.


Scroll experiment #2

A very nice demo, where the height of the grid expands as you scroll down.

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