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Issue 218

Variable Google Fonts, accessibility, where to put your buttons on forms, and the W3C is 25

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 218

Conference season continues. I was at View Source today, in a "Discussion Corner" where we talked about how CSS gets into browsers. I think we could easily have continued that conversation for much longer. Tomorrow I will be leading a CSS Layout workshop for Fronteers, and then speaking at Fronteers conference on Thursday.

View Source has been an interesting conference and I wish I could have been here for the two days - however I had the Berlin marathon to take part in (which was cold, wet and where I encountered the worst race toilet in the known universe). I feel there is a bit of a renewed interest in how web platform features come to be, and I think I'd like to do some talks perhaps on that subject in 2020. If that sounds interesting, let me know!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Happy 25th anniversary, World Wide Web Consortium! | W3C Blog

The W3C is 25 years old today, and still aiming to:

"create freely available and open standards that ensure that the Web remains open, accessible, and interoperable for everyone around the globe."


Create a semantic “breakout” button to make an entire element clickable - Andy Bell

How to make an entire card clickable while retaining proper semantics.

Sara Soueidan on Applied Accessibility: Practical Tips For Building More Accessible Front-Ends at SmashingConf Feiburg 2019 on Vimeo

Over at Smashing Magazine we have launched all of the video from the Freiburg Conference, and I thought this video os Sara's talk would be particularly interesting to readers of this newsletter. You can find the rest of the video and other resources in my write-up of the conference.

Where to put buttons on forms by Adam Silver | Designer, London, UK.

Not really CSS Layout, though you would use CSS to do the layout! I liked this exploration of where buttons should be placed on forms, especially given the number of times I've shifted a button back and forth and centre trying to decide!

An exploration of ways to make the clickable area of a link match a custom shape.

Variable fonts & the new Google Fonts API | Responsive Web Typography

The new version of the Google Fonts API will include support for Variable Fonts, Jason explains with some demos.

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