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Issue 22

A shorter email for the end of December - Grid, Flexbox and media queries

Rachel Andrew
1 min read


Issue 22

A short email this week, I think people are far too busy enjoying the holiday season to be writing up interesting CSS tutorials. I hope that if you are celebrating at this time of year you have had a enjoyable holiday - and I'll be back next week with the first CSS Layout News of 2016!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

The New CSS Layout

My talk from dotCSS on CSS Grid, Flexbox and the Box Alignment Model is now online. Take a look.


Choosing between min-width and max-width media queries | The Haystack

A good explanation of one of the many "it depends" issues in web design. How to decide between min and max-width media queries.

`flex-grow` is weird. Or is it? | CSS-Tricks

An in-depth explanation of how flex-grow works in Flexbox.


Sticky Positioning with Nothing but CSS - Envato Tuts+ Web Design Tutorial

A new value for the position property that I would love to see have better browser support is "sticky". Here is a quick tutorial explaining how it works.

A Web Design History Lesson: 20 Years in Web Design

A fun look back at almost 20 years of web design. I started in 1996 too so can remember the days of nested tables all too well!

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Learn CSS Layout in 2016

Launching in January 2016 is the online version of my CSS Layout Workshop. I'll take you right through from the basics to the latest and greatest techniques. Over on the site I have a couple of free modules on CSS Basics and you can sign up for launch news and discounts. See you there!