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Issue 221

Firefox 70 lands with new layout features, styling select controls, various grid demos.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 221

I'm in the UK, and the end of conference season is in sight! While it has been a fantastic couple of months of speaking to folk, I am definitely looking forward to staying in one place for a while. I have a couple of things coming up - tomorrow I head to Milan for Codemotion, then over to Denver for An Event Apart. Say hello if you happen to be at either of those.

Today is Firefox 70 release day, and I've included a couple of demos to show off some of the new features. I am very much enjoying the new features being implemented in Firefox right now - I also get to document a lot of them over at MDN. There is more coming in Firefox 71, and so I would really encourage everyone who reads this email to download a copy of Firefox Nightly, as you can then play with the upcoming features and log any issues you see before they land.

A new sponsor today, thank you to Flywheel for sponsoring this week.

This email is something of a labour of love at this point, and it gets expensive to send out to over 10,000 folk. If you have a product or service you would like to share with them, and help to cover the costs as well, check out the sponsorship page.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Firefox 70 for developers - Mozilla | MDN

Firefox 70 is out today. It includes some useful things for layout fans. The grid-auto-columns and grid-auto-rows properties now support a tracklisting rather than just a single value. This is really valuable when using subgrid.

Firefox has also implemented the two-value syntax for the display property. This will enable the use of a cleaner, more descriptive syntax for display, for example display: block flex for a block level box with flex children.

See the next two items for demos of these features.


Two-values for the display property

A quick demo of the two-value syntax for the display property, which ships in Firefox 70.

Tracklistings for grid-auto-columns and grid-auto-rows

Another demo of a Firefox 70 feature, the second demo needs Firefox Nightly as it also includes subgrid, as it is when using subgrid you really need this feature.

CSS-only horizontally-scrolling cards with snapping - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

A nice demo with some good discussion in the comments about how to make it more accessible and usable.

Weaving One Element Over and Under Another Element | CSS-Tricks

Using CSS Blend Modes and CSS Grid to weave two elements together.

Bidirectional horizontal rules in CSS - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Using CSS Logical Properties to write the same CSS for RTL and LTR languages.


CSS Grid Bullet Journal

A bullet journal layout using CSS Grid, use the Firefox Grid Inspector to see how it goes together.

Can we please style the  control?! | Greg WhitworthI love this post as it demonstrates the level of thinking that needs to go into something that people might think of as "just" adding styling support to an element. I've long seen the links in my own work between working on products and working on web platform features, and it is a way of thinking I try to encourage with frustrated web developers who think that adding some feature or ability should be straightforward.gwhitworth.comOur Sponsor

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