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Issue 222

CSS Grid, Progressive Enhancement, two-values of display, and Houdini

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 222

Hello from a snowy Denver, where yesterday I spoke at An Event Apart with the last presentation of my talk Making Things Better. I'll be at An Event Apart San Francisco in December with a shiny new one-hour long talk. Making Things Better was recorded earlier in the year, so at some point that video should be released in the An Event Apart archive.

A wide variety of things this week, including a couple of videos if you too are stuck indoors with winter weather! Thank you to sponsor OddBird this week for helping to support this newsletter!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

New in Chrome 78  |  Web  |  Google Developers

Chrome 78 is out, bringing with it the CSS Properties and Values API.


The two-value syntax of the CSS Display property - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

As mentioned last week, one of the things that was shipped in FIrefox 71 was the two-value syntax for display. I explain more about this in my post on the Mozilla Hacks blog.

“The New Design Material” by Josh Clark—An Event Apart video

Just as mobile defined the last decade of digital products, machine learning is set to define the next. Learn to use machine-generated content, insight, and interaction as design material in your everyday work.

This ia a really great talk from Josh, which I've been fortunate enough to see in person.

The “P” in Progressive Enhancement stands for “Pragmatism” - Andy Bell

Love the concept of Time To What About IE11?. I feel as if my entire career has been to a backdrop of whining about one browser or another. Netscape 4, IE6, IE8, IE11. Shall we place our bets on who is next?

Refactoring (the way we talk about) CSS

The video of my talk from NordicJS, a somewhat shortened version of Refactoring (the way we talk about) CSS, is live. I added it to the Notist page for that talk so all the slides, resources and code are alongside it.

Faster Layouts with CSS Grid (and Subgrid!) - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

A post linking a set of videos recorded for Mozilla by Miriam Suzanne (who is also from OddBird - our sponsor this week).

Making Tables Responsive With Minimal CSS · Ugly Duck

Nice post about responsive tables, and glad it is linking to a post about the potential accessibility implications too.

Spacing, Grids and Layouts

A post that explains some key terms and concepts for designing layouts.

The Weird — Yet Practical — World of Paint Worklets by Jeremy Wagner | CSSConf BP 2019 - YouTube

CSSConf Budapest videos are coming online. Watch this talk from Jeremy Wagner about the Houdini Paint Worklets.

Accessible Drop Caps | Adrian Roselli

Another useful piece from Adrian looking at accessible drop-caps.

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