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Issue 229

A look to the past, Variable Fonts, Advent round-up, variations in design systems, and generating color schemes

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 229

I'm back in the UK, travel for 2019 is done. Looking forward to the holidays here in Bristol in the UK, although it would be nice if it would stop raining just for a little while.

Of course the New Year looms, and I've recently announced CSS Layout Workshops for SmashingConf in San Francisco, Austin and New York. This will be a whole new workshop, right up to date with everything that is new in CSS but grounded in the practical need to get work done. I would love to book in a few more dates, so if you would like me to come to your event, or in-house to train your team just reply to this email and we can talk!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Web Design And Development Advent Roundup For 2019 — Smashing Magazine

It seems as if everyone is creating some kind of web advent calendar this year. I put together a roundup of all the different ones I could find. Plenty of reading here!


A History of CSS Through Fifteen Years of 24 ways ◆ 24 ways

For my article in this last season of 24 ways I took a look back through my posts of the last 15 years to discover that, perhaps unsurprisingly, I was talking about CSS Layout in 2005. Back in a time when many people were still relaying on table based layouts, i was trying to make working with float based ones easier. It was a fun piece to write, and I found it interesting how my thinking had evolved with the specs.

Producing Transcending CSS Revisited — Stuff & Nonsense

Andy Clarke recently revisited his book Transcending CSS, creating a revised edition which adds commentary to the original, showing how things have changed. As with my 24 ways article, written at around the same time, it is interesting to see how CSS and the thinking of those who work with it has developed.

Also, a fun fact is that both Andy's son and my daughter worked on this edition of the book!

Smashing Podcast Episode 5 With Jason Pamental: What Are Variable Fonts? — Smashing Magazine

I've often referenced variable fonts in this newsletter, and in the Smashing podcast today Jason Pamental talks to Drew McLellan on the subject.

Making Room for Variation – A List Apart

An excerpt from Yesenia Perez-Cruz's new book Expressive Design Systems, which looks at how to allow for variation and experimentation within a design system.


Dynamic, Date-Based Color with JavaScript, HSL, and CSS Variables | Rob Weychert

Not layout but I just love this technique for generating color schemes.