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Issue 230

Slanted images, container queries, print-inspired layouts, and a typographic scale.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 230

It's been a quiet week with the holiday season in full swing. I've found a few interesting things to read however, and have included them here. Despite moving house and traveling, we managed to unearth a bed for my daughter, so she won't need to sleep in a box when she arrives for Christmas this evening!

I wish those of you celebrating an excellent holiday season, and send love and best wishes to all who find this time of year hard. Look after yourselves and each other,

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Chris puts together a collection of print inspired layouts. What interests me however is touched on by one of the comments,

"As someone who works for a magazine website, while I love the idea of doing print-like layouts for online content, I find that they really only apply for pieces of content that fit on a single print page or occasionally a 2-page spread."

My talk at An Event Apart last year covered some of the possibilities that could help us deal with this. I've also written about the things we can't yet do in CSS. Many of those would help us with the types of layouts more often seen in print. I think the fact we don't see more of these techniques used in online editorial design is because of some of these things we can't yet do.

Flexible Captioned Slanted Images ◆ 24 ways

A walkthrough of a nice technique for slanted images with captions,

A Modern Typographic Scale ◆ 24 ways

A useful technique to set up a modern typographic scale.


Web Performance Calendar » Developing the Largest Contentful Paint Metric

An interesting article about the Largest Contentful Paint Metric in Chrome, which aims to measure when the main content of the page is displayed.

The Origin Story of Container Queries—

When I ask people about most wanted CSS features, container queries often comes up. Zach has dug up the discussion.