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Issue 234

CSS Grid, dividers for grid and flexbox, accessible sticky table headers.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 234

I am in Spain today, as for the rest of the week I'll be at the CSS Working Group meeting. I went for a run this morning, and it felt fairly mild as in Bristol it's been icy. The local runners however were all wrapped up for mid-winter!

Lots of interesting bits and pieces in the newsletter today, including a couple of personal projects which aim to produce a new design each week. Both should be fun to follow this year.

Would you / your company like to sponsor the newsletter? I have exactly zero sponsors right now, and it isn't inexpensive to send to over 10,000 people. While I love producing this weekly dose of CSS goodness, it would be great to cover the costs. Take a look at the sponsorship page if you would like to share something with my readers.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Fixed Table Headers | Adrian Roselli

A run down of ways you can create fixed table headers - keeping accessibility in mind.

Optimizing Your Images Didn't Improve Your Load Time? Here's Why - MachMetrics Speed Blog

Some suggestions as to why optimizing your images hasn't improved performance on your site, with some other places to look.

Adding separators to layouts with CSS-in-JS - Pixel and Ink - Medium

I would love Grid to have some way of adding dividers between areas, however in the meantime pseudo-elements are often the way forward. A detailed look at that from Mandy Michael.

CSS Grid Template Areas In Action

A nice article with several practical examples of using grid-template-areas.


Inspired Design Decisions by Andy Clarke

A weekly series of 52 website designs by Andy Clarke, influenced by the most inspiring art directors and graphic designers of the twentieth century.

A print inspired layout design using CSS Grid for every week of the year.

3D Folding Layout Technique for HTML Elements | Codrops

A fun experimental technique from Codrops.