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Issue 235

Microsoft Edge, CSS Cascade, using or not using Media Queries, SVG, smooth scrolling nav

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 235

I'm back from the CSS Working Group meeting and working on a talk entitled The Evolution of Responsive Design, which I'll be giving for the first time at Frontend North. There are a couple of posts included today which touch on that subject.

Can you help? I am trying to collect good examples of cases where you need the visual view to be different to the order of items in the source. You can read this article as some background to the issue I'm talking about. With grid and flex (and to a lesser extent other layout methods) you can cause the visual display to be different to the source order. This causes a problem because anyone tabbing around the document for example, then moved round the document in a way that doesn't make sense - the browser is following the source not the layout.

It is often argued that the source order is the correct priority of items, and that - for example - the order of items in your mobile view should be the same as that in your desktop view. The priorities should be the same, therefore the order should be the same. Do you have strong examples to counter that? Bonus points if they are in a live project rather than just something you consider you might like to do. Email me!

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Smashing Podcast Episode 7 With Stephanie Stimac And Aaron Gustafson: What’s New In Microsoft Edge? — Smashing Magazine

Stephanie and Aaron talk with Drew McLellan about the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

The CSS Cascade

Everyone has been linking to this lovely explanation of the CSS Cascade, and so they should because it's brilliant. If you haven't already seen this take a look, it is so well done that I'm sure pretty much everyone will learn something.

4 CSS layouts without using media queries | Polypane browser for dev & design

A breakdown of a tweet explaining why the tweeted example works, and how flexbox allows us to create multiple layouts without needing media queries.

CSS { In Real Life } | Optimising SVGs for the Web

I'm generally entirely baffled by anything that comes out of a design tool, and have created many awful and poorly optimized SVGs in my time. So here is a guide to making them less awful, mostly posted here so I remember to use it next time I'm going to unleash a giant SVG somewhere.

Using responsive modifiers to control layout changes in your components | CodyHouse

An interesting approach to controlling layout changes within components.

Building Multi-Directional Layouts | CSS-Tricks

Here is a nice article on building multi-directional layouts. Now that logical properties and values are gaining solid browser support this all becomes a lot more straightforward.

Smooth Scrolling Sticky ScrollSpy Navigation –

This is a really nice tutorial, using position: sticky and IntersectionObserver.


Today, the Trident Era Ends

A fantastic post looking at the things on the web platform that started life in the Internet Explorer Trident engine, and the innovations that never took off.

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