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Issue 237

Grids, cards, UI frameworks and styling form inputs.

Rachel Andrew
1 min read


Issue 237

Last week I was the opening keynote at c't web dev in Cologne, then dashed back to the UK to present my new talk at Front End North. This week I'm heading out to Prague to chair a workshop on CSS Print, and also speak at XML Prague, and this is the quiet time of year!

Various things to share this week, including my slides from Front End North, a long read on grids from Frank Chimero, and some other interesting articles from the week.

Till next time,

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Microsoft 365 Developer Day: Dual-screen experiences - Windows Developer Blog

Microsoft have released emulators for their dual-screen devices, and this blog post rounds up their work on dual screen devices for the web and Windows apps, including linking to the proposals for new CSS to support these types of devices.


The Evolution of Responsive Design

The slides for my talk on The Evolution of Responsive Design, which I gave at the very lovely Front End North conference last week.

Frank Chimero · Redesign: Gridniking

Frank is redesigning his site in the open and blogging about it. Read his thoughts on the grid.

Magic Flip Cards: Solving A Common Sizing Problem — Smashing Magazine

In this article, Dan Halliday reviews the standard approach to creating animated flip cards, and introduces an improved method which solves its sizing problem.

Crafting a Cutout Collage Layout with CSS Grid and Clip-path | Codrops

An interesting collage layout using Grid and clip-path.

Smashing Podcast Episode 9 With Stéphanie Walter: How Can I Work With UI Frameworks?

In this episode Drew speaks to UX Designer Stéphanie Walter about things we should be considering when building on a UI framework.

Custom Styling Form Inputs With Modern CSS Features | CSS-Tricks

A post looking at what is possible when styling form elements with CSS.