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Issue 238

CSS Print, Generated Content, Grid Template Areas and Container Queries.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 238

Issue 238

Back from speaking at XML Prague and chairing the CSS Print Workshop, which I have mentioned in more detail below. I am hoping to make some progress in filming new material for my online CSS Workshop now I have some time at my desk here in Bristol.

Conference season is looming and I'll be highlighting a few of the places I am speaking and running workshops at in this email. This week a shoutout to An Event Apart. I'll be at all of the events this year, with my talk on CSS Display which I've written especially for An Event Apart and won't give anywhere else. Next stop is Washington DC in April, and if you use code AEARADW you get $100 off any multi-day ticket.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

The newly formed CSS Print Community Group

Last week I chaired a workshop about CSS Print. Something web developers often don't consider is the amount of people who use CSS to create printed materials - books, documentation, invoices and much more. There are specifications that deal with CSS as used for Paged Media, a tiny amount of which is implemented in some browsers.

The workshop was to hear from different people involved in the space and to find ways to work together to improve print specifications and support in user agents, which would also include browsers. It would be possible for browsers to implement more of the Paged Media functionality to use when a user prints something from your site, or when generating PDFs using headless Chrome or another browser-based solution.

I do have video of the workshop which I will publish once I've edited it down. If you are interested in this subject however, please do join the CSS Print Community Group, which was formed at the workshop, and help us to improve CSS Print support across browses and other user agents.


Understanding CSS Grid: Grid Template Areas — Smashing Magazine

I continue my Smashing Magazine series on CSS Grid Layout with this article taking an in-depth look at layout with Grid Template Areas.

How to make cards or other areas of content clickable, without causing any of your visitors a problem.

“Generation Style” by Eric Meyer—An Event Apart video

In more from An Event Apart, here is Eric Meyer's excellent talk on Generated Content in CSS.


Toward Responsive Elements

Rounding up some of the progress and thinking that has happened in trying to seek a way forward for the "container queries" problem.

Building the Web We Want | CSS-Tricks

I've been on the panel, and also chaired one of the Web We Want events. Check out the site and please do submit the things that you want, in order that they can be highlighted to the people who can make them a reality.