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Issue 239

MDN browser survey, diagonal layouts, CSS Selectors explained.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 239

A wide range of things this week, include a survey of browser pain points and one of the favourite talks I've given.

Thanks to CSSDay in Amsterdam for sponsoring the newsletter this week. It's a great conference for all things CSS, I can't make it myself this time due to another commitment but I can very much recommend going. They will discount the ticket by 50 euros if you sign up via

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

“Making Things Better: Redefining the Technical Possibilities of CSS” by Rachel Andrew—An Event Apart video

My hour-long talk from An Event Apart last year has been published. This is one of my most favourite talks. It covers the problems we have solved with CSS, things that are currently being solved, and what I would love to see in the future.

MDN Browser Compatibility Survey

Take this survey to share with browser vendors what your main pain points are in terms of browser compatibility.


How to use scroll-margin-top to fix the problem of fixed headers hiding something you are trying to jump link to.

CSS Tutorial: Create Diagonal Layouts Like It's 2020

Creating diagonal layouts using CSS Transforms.


Selectors Explained

This is really neat. If you were wondering what a complex looking selector does, paste it in here and have it explained to you.

Sandrina Pereira - UX Engineer

I was asking some friends if they had anything to share in this newsletter, and one of them pointed me to Sandrina Pereira's site asking if I ever showcased interesting layouts, which I don't do often. However it is excellent, with so many little clever touches, definitely worth a share.

Same HTML, Different CSS

An article going through some different ways of styling some content with CSS, but without changing the HTML. It really showcases how far CSS layout has come.

Home | Utopia

"Utopia emerges when designers and developers share a systematic approach to fluidity in responsive design. Instead of designing for x number of arbitrary breakpoints, we can design a system within which elements scale proportionally and fluidly."

Currently there are a couple of tools here for scaling type fluidly. The typography on the site itself is, as you would hope, very nice.

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Also prefer fundamental CSS knowledge over hypes?

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