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Issue 24

A new book. Good things landing in browsers. Old browsers going away.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 24

I'm very happy to announce my new book, published by A Book Apart. Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout is a quick guide to the essentials of Grid Layout to get you up to speed fast. Yesterday I had a chat with Jeffrey Zeldman on The Big Web Show about the book and my motivation for writing it.

One of the reasons I write about emerging standards like Grid is to try and encourage other people to play around with these specifications. Let me know if you create or write anything interesting around the subject of layout, so I can feature it here. Replying to this email works as does getting in touch via Twitter.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Picture element and CSS Variables to land in Safari

The version of Safari in beta now has support for Picture and CSS Custom Properties. It's great to see fairly recent additions to WebKit make it into the Safari browser. Hoping it bodes well for Grid shipping once it is ready.

Redesign of W3C Specifications: Sample W3C Specification

Fantasai has been working on a redesign of the W3C specs. As someone who spends a fair bit of time looking at CSS Specifications I think this is a real step forward. She is interested in feedback  before it goes live.

Microsoft is scrapping updates for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 (Wired UK)

Today marks the end of life for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10. What this means for end users is that these versions of IE will no longer receive security updates and users will be seeing a nag message to upgrade. Hopefully this means that for us as developers we'll start to see a drop off in the number of visits from these older browsers. For CSS layout in particular it may mean we can wave goodbye to weird old Flexbox syntax before too long (although there are plenty of issues in the IE11 implementation sadly).

Learn 2015 Videos

A playlist of video from which I am just digging into. Lots of interest to readers of this email including Content Driven Layouts with Flexbox

Editing Images in CSS

Another talk from dotCSS in Paris covering the use of filters, blend modes and gradients to edit images in CSS.


Flexbox Playground

The Flexbox Playground from coveloping is a way to explore the various flexbox properties.

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