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Issue 240

More inspired design decisions, negative margins, and a foldable web.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 240

I am in the UK for a few weeks, and working on various things which I will be able to share with you soon. In the meantime this week's newsletter has a varied collection of posts including design inspiration, the problems and possibilities of a foldable web, plus information about how web platform features get made.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Inspired Design Decisions: Neville Brody Design Cannot Remain Neutral — Smashing Magazine

Another of Andy Clarke's popular series looking at the work of a designers and seeing how we can relate it to web design.

Negative margins in CSS - QuirksBlog

A deep dive into negative margins in CSS.

What Does A Foldable Web Actually Mean? — Smashing Magazine

There are new proposals around the idea of a "foldable web" dealing with the issues that arise when you have dual-screen foldable devices. This article looks at the state of play.

Responsive Grid Magazine Layout in Just 20 Lines of CSS | CSS-Tricks

One of the things I love about new layout methods is how little CSS you need to create even relatively complex layouts. This article explains what lies behind a few lines of code.


Platforms and Priorities | The Web Platform Podcast

I like to talk a lot about contributing to the web platform, and how features get into specs and our browsers, so this is an interesting podcast with Brian Kardell, also of the CSS WG, talking about these things from his point of view.

CSS Specification Timelines, Updated and Modernized – Eric’s Archived Thoughts

Eric Meyer has a neat timeline of CSS Module versions, which he has recently upgraded.

Paged.js — Paged.js

I was recently at a meeting of people interested in the CSS Print Specifications, and enjoyed learning about paged.js which is a polyfill for the Paged Media functionality which is poorly supported in browsers.