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Issue 243

More inspired design decisons, CSS Houdini, Scroll Snapping and online workshops!

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 243

Issue 243

I imagine that most of you are reading this at home. Strangely enough, my interaction with people while I'm in my home office has increased as everyone wants to have a Zoom call! I've been getting to see everyone's pets, which is definitely the best bit of any online meeting.

While I can write, and work on CSS from home I'm missing all of the workshops and conferences I had planned for the spring. So, at Smashing we had an idea, Vitaly and I both have workshops ready, so why not take them online? I'm really excited at the chance to do the new CSS Layout workshop I've been putting time into.

Get all the details and book a spot for my CSS Layout Masterclass or Smart Interface Design Patterns with Vitaly Friedman. Watch that page for news of more workshops soon!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


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