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Issue 245

A grid of logos, LCH colors, responsive images, and the notes from my talk Making Things Better.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 245

Another Tuesday, I hope this finds you all well.

It seems a long time since I used to start this email with where I was heading to next. I should have been leaving for An Event Apart and SmashingConf at the end of this week. I'm sad that I'll not be getting to see everyone there. However, I do have my virtual workshop next week to prepare for, and I think there will be more online things to come. It will be a very different 2020 to the one we all had planned, but I am enjoying seeing all of the creative ways people are continuing to share, learn and keep connected.

Stay safe!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Google to resume Chrome updates it paused last week due to COVID-19 | ZDNet

Goog previously announced it was pausing Chrome releases, and is now restarting updates. This post explains the status.


Making Things Better

I finally finished writing up my notes from my talk at An Event Apart 2018/19. It's a lot! However there are various interesting bits in there.

A Grid of Logos in Squares | CSS-Tricks

How to make a logo grid using CSS Grid.

LCH colors in CSS: what, why, and how? | Lea Verou

Lea explains the LCH color space, which she describes as a game-changer in CSS color.

Responsive Images the Simple Way - Cloud Four

A guide to responsive images focused on the most common responsive image use case: resolution switching.

How They Fit Together: Transform, Translate, Rotate, Scale, and Offset

A guide to transform and the individual transform and offset properties.

Chromium Blog: Updates to form controls and focus

Teams from Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome have been working together to improve the look and functionality of built in form controls, here is a write up of those changes.