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Issue 247

ResizeObserver, internationalisation, text inside a circle, CSS Grid

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 247

Hello friends,

I hope this finds you well.

We lost an all round good person when Christopher Schmitt passed away last week. He was a fellow teacher of CSS, I spoke at a number of the online CSS Summit conferences that he ran, and at one CSS Dev Conf. He will be very much missed in our community. Chris Coyier wrote about this sad news here and linked to a little site some of us in the web community are putting together to preserve our memories, and allow them to be shared with Christopher's family. If you have memories you would like to share, please add them.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

The CSS Layout Masterclass - Online Workshops

As my last online CSS Workshop sold out, we're running it again, this time in a timeslot more friendly to Europe and Asia. Come and spend two sessions with me and really learn how all this new layout works.

Smashing Podcast Episode 14 With Rachel Andrew: How Can I Run Online Workshops? — Smashing Magazine

I hopped onto the Smashing podcast to chat about the online workshops we have been doing at Smashing, and how it feels to take an in-person CSS Workshop online.


Pseudo-Randomly Adding Illustrations with CSS – Eric’s Archived Thoughts

I really like Eric Meyer's new blog design, and in this post he explains how he added the illustrations used to break up the text.

Using CSS to Set Text Inside a Circle | CSS-Tricks

We don't yet have shape-inside but this tutorial shows how you can set text inside a circle.

CSS for internationalisation

An explanation of the different CSS properties that can be used for internationalisation.



This is interesting:

A custom element as a ResizeObserver root. The easiest way to get working with ResizeObserver and creating container queries with JavaScript. Unlike many implementations, you can use any CSS length units, and mix them together.

Constrained CSS grids without max-width. — Ethan Marcotte

Ethan writes about getting away from max-width as a layout constraint, using CSS Grid.