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Issue 250

Cumulative Layout Shift, CSS Solutions, the contain property.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 250

I just looked at the number of this issue, 250. That's two-hundred and fifty weeks of CSS Layout goodness. I've managed not to miss a week so far, mostly thanks to the fact that people write enough interesting stuff to bring me a few things to share each week.

My diary is filling up with virtual presenting and workshops. It's not the 2020 I expected, but it's the 2020 I am getting. I'm trying to adapt to this new normal and to enjoy the time at home, feeling fortunate I have a garden to plant things in, and good friends online to spend time with in a virtual way at least. I hope you are all staying safe and well.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Smashing Meets

I'll be speaking about subgrid at Smashing Meets on 19th of May. It's a free virtual meet-up style event with 3 x 30 minute talks.


Optimize Cumulative Layout Shift

A post about avoiding sudden layout shifts, to prevent the problem where someone is about to click something and it moves.

Let's Take a Deep Dive Into the CSS Contain Property | CSS-Tricks

An incredibly detailed post about the CSS contain property.

Modern CSS Solutions

A collection of nice solutions for a variety of things that have typically been difficult to do in CSS.

Micro-Typography: How To Space And Kern Punctuation Marks And Other Symbols — Smashing Magazine

An article digging into the detail of micro-typography, the spacing between letters and punctuation marks.


Box Shadows - Generate CSS Box Shadows

Try out different box shadows on a variety of elements.

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