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Issue 253

CSS Variables, accessibility, subgrid.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 253

As a white British woman, the only thing I want to say in my intro today is that I see you, my Black readers, friends and colleagues. I see you, and I am listening and learning from the things so many of you have graciously shared. For other white folk, I'd love to point you to the great resources Tatiana Mac has created for us - Save the Tears: White Woman's Guide and White Guyde To The Galaxy. I respect the work Tatiana has put in to curate these for us, and perhaps you will join me in ordering a few of these books from a local bookseller, and commit to reading them.

If you are after CSS, the things I have been reading and publishing this week are below, as always.

Stay safe and look out for each other.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Global and Component Style Settings with CSS Variables — Sara Soueidan – Freelance-Front-End UI/UX Developer

Using CSS Variables to organise and maintain styles.

Equivalent Experiences: What Are They? — Smashing Magazine

Eric Bailey explains what is meant by an equivalent experience, when we talk about accessibility.

A thread about how design is eurocentric, with loads of resources being shared.

Some great thoughts and resources shared in this thread, encouraging all of us to think past the white (and usually male) design history mainstream.

It's always a bit tricky sharing Twitter threads but as people are pitching in as I write this, I'd rather share a link to the thread than pull out resources as there will be more to read.

Rotated Table Column Headers… Now With Fewer Magic Numbers! | CSS-Tricks

Creating rotated table column headers, should that be a thing you want or need to do.

Making Our Patterns More Accessible - Cloud Four

This is a nice article explaining what tweaks Cloud Four have been using to make their patterns more accessible. I like this as it shows how small changes can really improve things without necessarily being a huge amount of work.

Hello subgrid - Smashing Meets - 19th May 2020 - Rachel Andrew on Vimeo

I presented my talk on Subgrid for Smashing Meets, and answered some questions, while Pixel the cat slept quietly behind me.


RWD Weekly #412 Interview Series with Rachel Andrew | Responsive Web Design

An interview I did for RWD Weekly including my thoughts on responsive design today, and how to get involved in the web platform.