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Issue 254

Contributing to the web platform, high contrast mode, CSS variables.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 254

Over the next two weeks I have a whole bunch of online things taking place. Later today, if you are quick you can sign up for the free of charge Smashing Meets event. I'll be speaking on the Evolution of Responsive Design. Then on Thursday and Friday I will be running my CSS Layout Masterclass - there are a few tickets left if you would like to join me.

Next week I will be speaking at the very first An Event Apart Online Together, your chance to hear a talk I won't be doing anything like as many times I thought I would this year! An Event Apart are the sponsor of the newsletter this week, in addition to the event next week, they are running a second event dedicated to Human-centered design. Take a look at the details in the footer of this email.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Web Platform Contribution Guide

This is great. A guide to contributing to the web platform.

Quick Tips for High Contrast Mode | Sarah Higley

A post with a round-up of tips and resources for learning about Windows High Contrast Mode.

Equivalent Experiences: Thinking Equivalently — Smashing Magazine

In this article Eric discusses learning how to embrace an equivalent, inclusive mindset. Providing practical, robust ways to improve your websites and web apps by providing solutions to common, everyday barriers.

A user’s guide to CSS variables – Increment: Frontend

An excellent guide to CSS custom properties.

On fixed elements and backgrounds

A really good rundown on fixed positioning, containing blocks and other related things from Chen Hui Jing.


The Mad Magazine Fold-In Effect in CSS | Thomas Park

This is a fun technique, using CSS transforms.

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Human-Centered Design: Learn how to handle unexpected design scenarios and unusual situations.

Human-Centered Design: Learn how to handle unexpected design scenarios and unusual situations.

Join us Monday, July 20 for An Event Apart: Online Together, a single-day online web design conference focused on human-centered design—all the ways our work can impact users in personal ways, even when we don’t intend to be so personal.

You’ll hear from:

  • Margot Bloomstein, I Brake For Users: Content Strategy for Slower Experiences
  • Ron Bronson, The Researcher’s Role in Reducing Consequence Design
  • Scott Jehl, Performance is Accessibility
  • Jeremy Keith, Design Principles for the Web
  • Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Practical Ethics for the Modern Web Designer
  • Aarron Walter, Designing for Emotion Revisited

All sessions will remain available to attendees, on-demand, for at least six months after the event is over, including the recordings of live Q&A sessions with the speakers. As we always aim for with our events, you’ll come away not only inspired, but ready to put new techniques and ideas immediately into practice.

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