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Issue 255

The display property, responsive images, accessibility, styling selects.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 255

Online conferences and meetups are really becoming a thing. I presented yesterday at An Event Apart, and the slides are below. Later this week I'll be presenting at the Fronteers online meetup, which is open to everyone whether you are a Fronteers member or not. Come along!

Lots of interesting stuff to read in the newsletter today, I hope you find something useful there.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Now You See It: Understanding Display

I spoke last night at the first An Event Apart Online Together. My talk is all about the display property and you can find the slides, code, and resources here.

CSS :is() and :where() are coming to browsers | Web Platform News

An explanation of the is() and where() pseudo-classes.

Accessibility — Smashing Magazine

A new Smashing Guide, pulling together some of our content on a topic. This time our relevant content on accessibility.

How to Create a Motion Hover Effect for a Background Image Grid | Codrops

This effect looks very cool, however you might want to wrap it in a  prefers-reduced-motion media query (which you can also use from JavaScript), as I can imagine some folk finding it unpleasant.

Striking a Balance Between Native and Custom Select Elements | CSS-Tricks

A comprehensive article showing how to enhance a select element to show a styled select.

A Guide to the Responsive Images Syntax in HTML | CSS-Tricks

A useful guide to using Responsive Images on CSS Tricks.


Sorted CSS Colors

A tool that lets you explore the CSS named color values.

CSS Grid: Newspaper Layout

Another lovely piece of work from Olivia, this one also uses some multicol which makes me happy to see.

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