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Issue 257

Design inspiration, fussy websites, WebP vs. JPEG, browser bugs.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 257

Another week, and more CSS links from my home office in Bristol to wherever you may be. Finding it hard to believe that we are halfway through the year!

This week I'm hoping to get another batch of the lessons for my CSS Layout course online, if you want to sign up while I am still working on producing the lessons you can do so at a nice discount. Use code EARLYBIRD.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

The CSS Layout Masterclass - Online Workshops

We've added another session for my CSS Layout Masterclass over at Smashing. Join me for two sessions of layout fun. LIVE

Google's LIVE kicks off today. Not a huge amount of CSS stuff, though Una has a talk on day 3 (2 July) 10 Modern Layouts in 1 Line of CSS.


Inspired Design Decisions With Giovanni Pintori: Publicity Becomes An Art Form — Smashing Magazine

Andy Clarke walks us through a design using CSS Grid and more, inspired by the work of the Italian graphic designer Giovanni Pintori.

Is WebP really better than JPEG? -

Testing to see whether WebP files are really smaller than JPEGs, with some interesting results.

How to file a good browser bug

Something I often tell people who ask how to get involved with making things better on the web, is that they can report bugs. Here is a useful article explaining how to report a good browser bug, making it more likely the issue can be dealt with.

CSS background-repeat: round

I saw a bunch of people retweeting this, so perhaps it is useful to you!


In Defense of a Fussy Website | CSS-Tricks

Sarah writes about the websites where someone has taken the time to add those little bits of delight. It reminds me of my early days online, when everyone was just figuring out what this medium was. We would add all kinds of strange things to our sites as we explored and figured out what worked. Then I guess we started testing what worked, and a lot of that creativity vanished. Which makes it all the more special when we see it, and I would think is a good way to make your work stand out in a competitive industry.