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Issue 259

Crowdfunding Web Platform features, grids, CSS variables, and counters

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 259

Welcome to this issue of CSS Layout News, which is very kindly sponsored by An Event Apart. They are producing some amazing online shows, given that travel and large events aren't possible right now. So do check out the link and offer code in the footer. An Event Apart have also published their schedule for 2021 so we can look forward to a return for meeting up in person!

My news is that I have a new kitten, she is called Em as I already have a Pixel. So there's almost a CSS link there.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Crowdfunding Web Platform Features With Open Prioritization — Smashing Magazine

It's frustrating when, as web developers, we find a feature that will solve a problem we have only to learn it isn't available in all browsers. This new project aims to crowdfund money to get web platform features implemented. I reported on the idea over at Smashing Magazine.


Grids Part 1: To grid or not to grid | Sarah Higley

An interesting and in-depth piece explaining when a table is the correct way to lay out some content and when a grid would be better.

The Cicada Principle, revisited with CSS variables – Lea Verou

Some fun techniques based on the Cicada Principle (creating the appearance of randomness) and CSS variables.

Displaying the Current Step with CSS Counters | CSS-Tricks

Using CSS counters to display the current step, with a clever bit of CSS selector wrangling.


Style Stage from Modern CSS Solutions

A CSS Zen Garden-like project where you can contribute a stylesheet to restyle the site.

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