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Issue 26

Mozilla platform status, object-fit, responsive images and hello to conference season 2016!

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 26

This time next week I'll be in Linz, Austria where I am delivering two presentations at Topconf. I'll be presenting on CSS Grid Layout but also on self-funding a software business. Two subjects very close to my heart!

Conference season really gets going at the end of February, you can see where I will be on Lanyrd. If you are at any of these events come and say hi! A big reason for me speaking at conferences is to be able to meet and talk to people who are as interested in the web as I am.

On the subject of conferences I am speaking and delivering a two day layout workshop at Fluent in San Francisco, March 7-10. They have given me a discount code to share with readers which will save you 20%. The code to use is FLT16SPKR. I was at Fluent last year and it is well worth attending, not just for the sessions but to take part in the hallway track and meet so many people who descend on San Francisco for the conference.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Firefox Platform Status

Mozilla has launched a platform status dashboard so you can see if a feature is shipped, under development or being considered for Firefox. Also has linked to the bugs related to that feature.


When to use Flexbox : The Brolik Blog

A reminder that:

"Not every container or element needs to have display: flex;"

Neat trick for CSS object-fit fallback on Edge (and other browsers) — Medium

A quick read showing how to add a fallback for the object-fit property in Edge.

Everything I know about responsive web typography with CSS

Zell Liew with a brain dump of the things he has learned about responsive typography. Lots of useful, real-world information here.

Flexbox Playground

Another place to try out your flexbox.


Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator, A New Open Source Tool – Smashing Magazine

An article introducing a free to use responsive images breakpoints generator. Useful!

SVG is going to become a major part of how we design in the future, and it feels as if we are just figuring out how to use it. Here are some excellent links collected by Chris Coyier. Also check out the SVG Compendium for more.

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