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Issue 261

Adaptive components, inspired design, CSS vocabulary, using CSS to make reading easier.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 261

This week another CSS Working Group virtual meeting takes place. I am very much missing our real face to face meetings, the virtual ones with everyone spread across timezones just aren't the same. It is what it is for now. I think that in the future there will be travel I don't do, there are things that the last few months have shown work just as well virtually. The side discussions and focus of bringing people together however is really hard to replicate in a virtual way.

On to this weeks collection of interesting articles, tutorials and links. I hope your week is going well,

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Designing Adaptive Components, Beyond Responsive Breakpoints by Stéphanie Walter - UX designer & Mobile Expert.

Writeup from a talk on design adaptive components, loads of good stuff and other resources in here.

Modern CSS Techniques To Improve Legibility — Smashing Magazine

Which aspects should we take into consideration when designing and developing for reading? How can we create accessible, comfortable, inclusive experiences for all readers, including the most challenged and those affected by dyslexia?

Inspired Design Decisions With Emmett McBain: Art Direction As Social Equity — Smashing Magazine

Another in Andy's series looking at the work of different designers and seeing how we can be inspired by them when using modern CSS layout methods.

CSS Vocabulary

This is really nice, explains CSS terminology by hopping around a stylesheet.


Smashing Podcast Episode 21 With Chris Ferdinandi: Are Modern Best Practices Bad For The Web? — Smashing Magazine

More JavaScript than CSS but an interesting discussion about modern "best practices" and in particular framework usage and CSS-in-JS solutions.

Pure CSS - Sticky-Stacked Cards

This is just cool, found via the Piccalilli newsletter.