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Issue 263

Performance and CSS, borders, and drop shadows.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 263

It is incredibly hot here in the UK. I was recording a presentation for an in-house team last week, and had to do it in short chunks as my camera was overheating! Speaking of which, one of my lockdown activities is delivering remote training and talks for in-house teams who are all working remotely. I can do live or pre-recorded training and very happy to tailor things to your requirements. Drop me a line to discuss.

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Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


content-visibility: the new CSS property that boosts your rendering performance

A post about the content-visibility property that helps to improve loads times by skipping rendering of offscreen content.

CSS { In Real Life } | Drop-Shadow: The Underrated CSS Filter

A post about the drop-shadow filter and the difference between it and box-shadow.

Naming layout components — Stuff & Nonsense

How do you name layout components? Some thoughts from Andy Clarke.

Nailing the Perfect Contrast Between Light Text and a Background Image | CSS-Tricks

This is useful, getting a good contrast when you want to place text over a background image using HTML <canvas>.

More Control Over CSS Borders With background-image | CSS-Tricks

A short post demonstrating how to use background-image for better borders, and explaining how the border generator built by Amit Sheen works.

Optimizing CSS for faster page loads - Tomas Pustelnik's personal website

Various ways to optimize CSS, to improve page load times.

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