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Issue 264

Grid Level 2 is a Candidate Recommendation.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 264

Happy Tuesday and another edition of CSS Layout News. I'm looking forward to the SmashingConf Live event this week, where I'll be talking about new things that are coming into CSS.

Last week a number of folk, including almost all of the MDN team, were laid off from Mozilla. I'm very sad about this news. MDN isn't going away, but like many people I worry about the future plans for the project. If your company is hiring right now, take a look at the list of ex-Mozilla employees who are now looking for work.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

CSS Grid Layout Module Level 2 is now a Candidate Recommendation

CSS Grid Level 2, which is essentially level 1 plus the subgrid specification is now a Candidate Recommendation. Also today, an updated version of the Level 1 Grid specification was published.

If you ever want to know what has been updated in a spec, head to the Changes section, where you will find details of any additions or modifications.


How To Configure Application Color Schemes With CSS Custom Properties — Smashing Magazine

Dividing colours into three levels -- palette, functional colours and component colours.

Accessibility In Chrome DevTools — Smashing Magazine

An article which helps you to use the power of Chrome DevTools to improve the accessibility of your sites.

What Happens When Border Radii Overlap? | CSS-Tricks

A nice little dig into border-radius.


CSS backwards compatibility

Julia Evans has been making some more wonderful CSS comics. Although I'm slightly worried that I am the sort of person being referred to as having grey hair in this one!

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