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Issue 267

Custom list bullets, browser diversity, JavaScript Media Queries.

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 267

I am writing this while waiting to present at the online SmashingConf Freiburg. Sad not to actually be in Freiburg with the team, but we have been having a fun couple of days anyway. You can find my slides here.

I also have my CSS Layout Masterclass scheduled for the end of the week, there are a few tickets left. I'm not sure when I'll next be doing one of these so if you fancy spending a couple of sessions getting to grips with layout with me, take a look here.

An Event Apart are my sponsor this week, they have an amazing line-up of speakers for their Fall Summit, online in October. The footer of this email contains more information and a discount code.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Custom bullets with CSS ::marker

Chrome 86, which will become the release version of Chrome on October 6th, will container support for CSS ::marker.

ImageReady: An event featuring talks about modern image formats | Meetup

This looks interesting, an online event about modern image formats. Not CSS but I figured there might be some crossover here.


Working with JavaScript Media Queries | CSS-Tricks

Useful information about using matchMedia is JavaScript.

Everything Developers Need To Know About Figma — Smashing Magazine

As a non-designer I found this piece - which I edited for Smashing - really helpful. I thought that it might be a useful primer for other front-end folk who aren't all that familiar with Figma too.

Why CSS ::before doesn’t work on inputs and images | Web Platform News

Styling Complex Labels - Cloud Four

A nice piece about styling form labels to make the information easy to understand for all visitors to your site.


What is the Value of Browser Diversity? -

A good piece musing on the pros and cons of browser diversity and an increasingly Chromium-shaped web.

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