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Issue 270

MDN Browser Compat Report, accessibility, animation, font-size with clamp()

Rachel Andrew
2 min read


Issue 270

Animation and accessibility feature heavily this week, partly because I've been working on writing some stuff about CSS animation. It's great to see such a lot of great a11y content too.

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Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

MDN Browser Compatibility Report

An in-depth report of browser compat issues, based on the responses to the MDN Developer Needs survey, run earlier in the year.


How screen readers navigate data tables - Tink - Léonie Watson

Really useful information here for those of us who don't regularly use a screen reader, from someone who does.

Linearly Scale font-size with CSS clamp() Based on the Viewport | CSS-Tricks

A nice article on the clamp() function.

3 things about CSS variables you might not know

Useful information about CSS Custom Properties.

Accessible Web Animation: The WCAG on Animation Explained | CSS-Tricks

An article on accessible web animation, based on the recommendations in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Writing even more CSS with Accessibility in Mind /w Manuel Matuzović [CSSCafe / english] - YouTube

A video of an online talk, covering accessibility tips when writing CSS.

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