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Issue 277

Conic gradients and not conic gradients, masonry, Firefox 83, logical shorthands.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 277

It's Tuesday again - they seem to be sneaking up on me. Time really has been very odd this year.

A whole load of interesting and useful stuff this week, although CSS gradients seem to feature in a lot of it! Enjoy, stay safe,

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Chrome Dev Summit 2020

Chrome Dev Summit is going online. I'm leading a workshop before the summit, although I believe workshops are already full. However the main Chrome Dev Summit sessions are open to all.

Firefox 83 for developers - Mozilla | MDN

Firefox 83 is out today, a notable CSS feature is support for conic gradients.


Masonry Layout - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN

I've been documenting the Grid Level 3 masonry spec over at MDN. It's behind a flag in Firefox if you want to try it out.

A Complete Guide to CSS Gradients | CSS-Tricks

Here's a very thorough guide to gradients in CSS.

Logical layout enhancements with flow-relative shorthands

An article about the new flow relative shorthands that are shipping in Chrome.

Simple pie charts with fallback, today – Lea Verou

Given Firefox now implements conic gradients, this article from Lea Verou is very timely. A clever solution for a fallback when using conic gradients for pie charts.


Web Platform Design Principles

The design principles for the web platform might be interesting to some of you, I've linked directly to the CSS section of the document.