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Issue 278

Open Prioritization and Web We Want write ups, a11y testing, responsive tables.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 278

Issue 278

As we head towards the end of the year folk often begin to look back at projects they have worked on, and I've got a couple of those write-ups here today.

If you are missing your community meetups during the pandemic then I've got a special offer from the Smashing Conf team. Smashing Meets Happy Holidays edition will be your online community meet, with three speakers and lots of fun side events too. Use this link and get a ticket for $5 USD which is half price.

I hope my American readers have a good Thanksgiving, even if things are a bit different this year.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News


Standardizing  And Beyond: The Past, Present And Future Of Native HTML Form Controls — Smashing MagazineI'm often asked about form controls and why they are so difficult to style, or what the general status is of interop with forms. This article explains the problems and potential solutions, and introduces the Open UI project.smashingmagazine.comA Dynamically-Sized Sticky Sidebar with HTML and CSS | CSS-TricksA nice tutorial on creating a sticky sidebar without any of the potential problems of sticky positioning.css-tricks.comThe most useful accessibility testing tools and techniques — Artem Sapegin’s BlogHere's a nice roundup of tools that can be used for accessibility testing.sapegin.meUnder-Engineered Responsive Tables | Adrian RoselliHow to create a simple, responsive, and accessible table.adrianroselli.comInterestingOpen Prioritization First Experiment Wrap UpA write up from Brian Kardell on the Open Prioritization project. :focus-visible will move forward in WebKit, there are also lots of thoughts on the process and the reaction to the project.bkardell.comWeb We Want Progress Update - November 2020 - Stephanie Stimac's BlogAnother progress update, this time about the Web We Want project. I was involved with a few of those events, back when we were able to travel. It's interesting to see how some of the wants have