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Issue 279

Support good causes by buying books, Safari TP release notes, text gradients, prefers_reduced_data.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 279

Tuesday again, and a short email this week partly because I've been busy working on my MA dissertation project, in addition to working on actual work. The project may be of interest to some of you. As part of the dissertation I'm kicking off a site telling the stories of people involved in the web platform. In researching the first browser war, through the formation of The Web Standards Project, I discovered that a very few names come up over and over again. Many people, who perhaps weren't the public face of the movement don't really show up. And, so much of the material of the time has gone--I've followed so many dead links over the past few weeks. I'd like to continue this after my dissertation is finally in, and work towards documenting the stories of more recent times. Each interview is a fun dive into the past right now! You can read the first two at

Also, my publisher A Book Apart are celebrating Giving Tuesday by donating part of the profits of each book to a cause chosen by the author of the book. I have chosen to donate to Joseph's House, who work with the homeless in the Troy area of Upstate NY. My mother is the volunteer co-ordinator there. So, if you don't have a copy of one of my books, today would be a great day to get one! The email from A Book Apart has all of the books, and chosen good causes.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 116 | WebKit

A bunch  of things in Safari Technology Preview, including making flex-grow animatable, and adding the individual transforms functions.


Creating websites with prefers-reduced-data | Polypane Browser for Developers

A good write-up of the prefers_reduced_data media feature.

A Calendar in Three Lines of CSS – Calendar Tricks

A calendar using CSS Grid, though I am mostly including this because a site named  Calendar Tricks is the sort of very specific thing I can get behind.

Text Gradients in CSS | CodyHouse

How to add gradients to text using CSS.

Refactor and clean your stylesheets with CSS Overview - Chrome DevTools - Dev Tips

How to use Chrome DevTools to refactor and improve your CSS. A nice walkthrough of the CSS Overview Panel.