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Issue 28

Upcoming CSS Workshops, flexbox, best practices and responsive images

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 28

Last week I presented on CSS grid at TopConf in Linz, Austria. You can find the slides and links from the presentation (and previous incarnations of it) on my site.

I now have a couple of weeks in the office to get my online CSS Workshop launched, and my materials ready for my first in-person training of the year at Fluent. In other conference news, yesterday I heard that Future of Web Design London has been cancelled, so I won't be running my workshop there. However I will be running a London workshop in June, for White October Events. Let me know if you will be at any of the events.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Grid Layout LCWD Spec Workshop

I'll be at the CSS Grid Layout Spec workshop in NYC at the end of February. There are others planned, I'd be willing to run a UK workshop if there was enough interest. These are not tutorials but instead:

"This is not a lecture. This is not a classroom. We are working together to make the spec better. And you will learn a lot. "


The `background-clip` Property and its Use Cases

A detailed post on background-clip, what it is and demos of why and how to use it.

Maintainable Responsive Web Design with Sass - Call Me Nick

Handy post detailing how to create maintainable responsive layouts using Sass. Lots of nice tips and examples in here especially if you are new to using Sass. I love seeing the workflows people have created for themselves.

Foundation 6: The New Flex Grid

An introduction to the optional flexbox based Grid in Foundation 6.

Star Rating Re-imagined with Flexbox — Zell Liew

Using Flexbox to create a "Star Rating" layout with as little code as possible.

CSS Best Practices

A slide deck on CSS Best practices from fantasai of the CSS Working Group. Straight to the point, sensible advice.


A Flexbox Editor

Here is a Flexbox Editor from Brian Diehr, you can add boxes and play around with the various rules.

Automatically Art-Directed Responsive Images?

Some thoughts on creating art directed responsive images automatically. I think we'll start to see many more solutions in this space now that Responsive Images support is making it into browsers.

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