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Issue 280

Webdev Advent 2020, covering one thing with another, sticky and full-bleed elements playing nicely together.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 280

I tweeted about my feeling that a lot of people find CSS hard, or illogical because they have never really learned it as a system. Instead, a lot of folk take a problem solving approach. They only look up the CSS they need to do the thing they are currently doing, as opposed to sitting down and learning the constructs that make CSS work. We don't tend to learn other languages like that.

This seemed to resonate with a lot of folk anyway, and the resources I mention in that thread may be useful to you.

I'm heading off to do day 2 of my CSS workshop for Chrome Dev Summit next, it's a bit of a late night in my timezone, but fun to bring this stuff to a crowd of folk from all over the world.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Web Development Advent Calendars for 2020 | Adrian Roselli

There is a good range of web advent calendars running for 2020, although a fair few regular publications are not running this year. Adrian Roselli has the roundup.


Weaving Web Accessibility With Usability — Smashing Magazine

An article explaining how, even if you have gone to lengths to comply with accessibility best practices, often things will still show up when real users test your interface.

How to Get Sticky and Full-Bleed Elements to Play Well Together | CSS-Tricks

An exploration of how to get a layout to work that includes sticky elements and full bleed ones.

CSS { In Real Life } | A Utility Class for Covering Elements

In this article techniques for covering one thing with another are discussed.

As a side note, I find it really interesting the things people say they have to do over and over again with CSS. This isn't something I've ever felt I do so much that I would make a utility class for. We're all building different things in different ways.


The State of CSS 2020

The results from the State of CSS 2020 survey are live.

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