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Issue 281

MDN is now on GitHub, the resource site, HTTP Archive Web Almanac.

Rachel Andrew
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Issue 281

A day late as I managed to brick my computer trying to get a bluetooth keyboard to connect. Seems standard 2020. Computer is now working again, keyboard is not so I'm typing this on my wired foldout travel keyboard.

Anyway, my hardware woes aside there is a bunch of interesting stuff this week. And, if you have some time on Thursday, Smashing Meets is happening and there are still tickets available for some CSS and other web-related talks.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Welcome Yari: MDN Web Docs has a new platform - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

This week MDN moved off the wiki and onto GitHub, so if you have ever considered contributing to MDN you can use more familiar tools to do so. As someone who currently spends most of my working life editing various parts of MDN, I've very happy! If you contribute to HTML or CSS I may well end up reviewing your PR. Find out how to get started here.

Cross-browser paint worklets and

In this post Una introduces the new reference site for Houdini worklets.

CSS | 2020 | The Web Almanac by HTTP Archive

I worked on parts of the CSS chapter for the web almanac which launched last week. Something that surprised me was how much I could see the frameworks dictating choices that people have made, right there in the data. For example in terms of common breakpoints used for media queries.


Using CSS Custom Properties to Adjust Variable Font Weights in Dark Mode | CSS-Tricks

Fixing how fonts display when in dark mode, using custom properties.


Hell Yes! CSS!

This looks really nice, a CSS Zine with code examples.

Case Study: 2020 refresh - Lynn Fisher

Lynn's annual site refresh is super cool as always. She explains the redesign in this case study.