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Issue 282

Centre things, make things sticky, and catch up on all the talks from the Chrome Dev Summit.

Rachel Andrew
1 min read


Issue 282

A short issue this week as we prepare for the holiday season. However there are loads of videos from the Chrome Dev Summit to watch, the 2020 CSS Snapshot has been published by the CSSWG, and there are some tips to help with aligning things to the centre and using sticky positioning.

I know for many readers this won't be close to a normal holiday, I hope you manage to enjoy some time off if you  are on vacation over the next week.

With best wishes from Bristol in the UK.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

CSS WG Blog – CSS Snapshot 2020 Published

The CSS Snapshot for 2020 has been published. This details all CSS specifications being worked on with details of those deemed complete. In particular if you write about CSS, this is a handy reference.

And now for … Firefox 84 - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

Firefox 84 includes a useful tool if you are using layout methods such as grid that allow you to reorder the visual layout away from the order in the source. Tab order inspection gives you an overview of how a user might tab round the page so you can make sure it makes sense.


Centering in CSS

A comprehensive look at how to centre things in CSS.

Sticky CSS Grid Items | Melanie Richards

How to get position: sticky and display: grid to play nicely together.

(34) Chrome Developer Summit 2020 - YouTube

The entire playlist of video from the Chrome Dev Summit.