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Issue 283

Houdini Paint API, individual transform properties, content-visibility and accessibility

Rachel Andrew
1 min read


Issue 283

Here we are at the last CSS Layout News of 2020. It's certainly been a year. I've been fortunate enough that, while my life has been somewhat turned upside down this year, I've not lost anyone close to me, or been sick myself with this dreadful virus. If you have not been so fortunate, I'm sorry.

I'll be back in 2021, hoping that things will turn the corner. Hoping that we'll be able to start meeting up in person again, working from coffee shops, and attending events. I'm going to have a bit more time to dedicate to all things CSS too. So watch this space!

With all best wishes for a happy and healthy 2021.

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

An Event Apart Spring Summit 2021 - Web Design & UX Conference

I'm really excited that I'll be speaking at the online An Event Apart Spring Summit. Three days of amazing web design learning. It's the same top quality speakers you will find at the in-person events, but you can attend from the comfort of your own sofa, from anywhere in the world.


Simulating Drop Shadows with the CSS Paint API | CSS-Tricks

Find out about the CSS Paint API in Houdini in this article.

CSS Individual Transform Properties | WebKit

The individual transform properties translate, rotate, and scale, are now in Safari Technology Preview. This article explains why you might use these instead of transform.

Content-visibility and Accessible Semantics - DEV

This article explains the impact on accessibility when using content-visibility. I'm glad we have folk like Marcy reminding us of the accessibility implications of exciting new things!


Chapter 6: Web Design | CSS-Tricks

Jay Hoffmann continues his web history series on CSS Tricks, writing about the early days of web design.