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Issue 284

Styling for high contrast, custom properties, web components

Rachel Andrew
1 min read


Issue 284

Happy New Year! 2021 is not starting very well here in the UK as we head back into lockdown, I remain hopeful things will improve.

I am writing this having just submitted my MA dissertation, last week was also my last week as Editor in Chief of Smashing Magazine. Both of these things mean I have a bit more time for my own projects in 2021. So you can expect some interesting layout stuff from me. Watch this space!

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

:focus-visible in WebKit - Open Collective

The project to fund :focus-visible in WebKit is available for contributions, selected as the winning idea in the Open Prioritization project.


Styling for Windows high contrast with new standards for forced colors - Microsoft Edge Blog

I was adding a page for the forced-color-adjust property on MDN, and found this piece while looking for an external resources to list. A look into how to work with Windows High Contrast mode.

Custom Properties as State | CSS-Tricks

Chris has a list of interesting possibilities with custom properties.

Options for styling web components | Read the Tea Leaves

An article detailing the various ways to style web components.

You want overflow: auto, not overflow: scroll | Kilian Valkhof

If you only want a scrollbar if you have content to scroll then use overflow: auto, this article explains.


Should The Web Expose Hardware Capabilities? — Smashing Magazine

Before leaving Smashing I edited this piece on hardware capabilities. It's really however some thinking around the issues that arise as we try to push the web closer to what is possible on native platforms.