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Issue 285

aspect-ratio, accessibility and table structures, accessible buttons, and a site using scroll-snap

Rachel Andrew
1 min read


Issue 285

Hello again from lockdown Bristol.

A few nice bits and pieces this week. Safari TP has the aspect-ratio property. An nice article about algorithmic layouts, table/grid semantics, and a generator for accessible button contrast.

Until next time,

Rachel Andrew, CSS Layout News

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 118 | WebKit

Safari Technology Preview 118 includes the aspect-ratio property.


The Devil's Albatross - An algorithmic layout technique

A write-up of a technique to deal with a specific responsive header pattern.

Grids Part 2: Semantics | Sarah Higley

A great explanation of grid semantics - and how column and row relationships are represented for screen reader users.


ButtonBuddy - Accessible button contrast generator

I like this, an accessible button contrast generator with a cute smiley button.

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